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Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. is a rising corporate communications firm pioneering innovation in public relations, digital marketing, and brand architecture. Groundbreaking online and offline marketing initiatives allow our clients to strategically position their organization for global success, with emphasis placed on acquiring and engaging diverse audiences across multiple global markets, integrating state-of-the-art new media technology across all appropriate platforms, and leveraging expansion for strategic partnerships. We assist our clients in creating long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders, by providing invaluable assets to the client’s brand architecture.

Our expertly crafted communications solutions create a sense of structure from idea to program execution, and our global assets are in place to amplify efforts across all appropriate media channels, industry associations, and to influential individuals alike. We dedicate a boundless effort to helping our clients develop a solid foundation, structured for continued strategic development for the life of the organization.

We commit our global resources to the brands, individuals, and organizations we represent by providing communications counsel, formed from dedicated environment research and risk analysis, designed to protect and defend the integrity and public trust of our clients.




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Areas of Practice

Our expertise is strongest in five industries including nonprofit, consumer packaged goods, life sciences, retail, and sports and entertainment. Learn more about our interests below.

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Sports & Entertainment

We connect empowered consumers with the brands they love via innovative and strategic content development and coordinates appropriate distribution across the many screens being watched including television, the internet, and mobile devices. We help our clients become storytellers in a world full of sales pitches, engaging all stakeholders in your brand’s conversation both online and off.


We work with budding and established nonprofit organizations to build and manage a diverse social media presence, engage stakeholders at all levels both online and off, and expand globally. We assist our clients in defining their core purpose, incorporating their efforts into timely movements and causes that affect the global community, and in identifying relationships worth pursuing.


We work with retailers to drive traffic, build engagement, attract attention and ultimately effect purchase decisions. With the rise of social media, consumers now can access their favorite retail brands from the convenience of their mobile phones, tablets, or other internet-ready devices. Innovations in social media have led retailers to reexamine how they communicate with consumers, with a new focus on engagement, and visibility across multiple platforms, all aimed at creating commercial return.

Consumer Packaged Goods

We make it easier for consumers to trust your brand by strategically and appropriately engaging your target customers from thought to purchase, and even after that purchase has been made. Innovative content, organic dialogue, transparent communications, and multi-platform approaches allow for confidence when marketing and competing in global markets.

Life Sciences

From big pharmaceutical to individual improvements to the overall healthcare industry, life science organizations dedicate countless time and global resources to developments that better the lives of every living being on Earth. Lawrence Blake Group Int’l works with life science organizations to develop a premium digital presence, relationships with key influential individuals and organizations, and to strategically communicate in-house successes to all stakeholders. 


The beginning is the most important part of the work.
— Our vision is best expressed by the words of Plato