At Lawrence Blake Group Int'l., we believe that each and every person has within them the power to positively impact our world. Our steadfast commitment to being of service to the world is demonstrated through the projects and clients we support, as well as via our core in-house efforts. 



Lawrence Blake Ventures is the philanthropic arm of Lawrence Blake Group Int’l., dedicated to investing and incubating the most promising companies. Lawrence Blake Ventures provides pro-bono expert communications counsel and growth resources to select organizations who have demonstrated dedication to their business concept. For more information and to submit your organization for consideration to Lawrence Blake Ventures, please complete the form below:


The Green Incubator

Lawrence Blake Green is accepting applications for The Green Incubator, a year-long start-up acceleration program where some of the world's most promising young eco-friendly companies will receive the communication tools and development strategy necessary to create a sustainable, fun, and environmentally conscious brand.

Each organization will receive any and all resources available from New York-based corporate communications firm Lawrence Blake Group Int'l., including a team of experienced start-up mentors, public relations and communications management, and website development and digital marketing services.


Our Official Nonprofit Partner

We're proud to announce our partnership with OneTreePlanted, a nonprofit focused on global reforestation. Each month, we're helping to plant ten trees around the world, on behalf of every account at our firm. 


The 20|STARTUPS campaign

The 20|STARTUPS campaign is aimed at launching twenty innovative Africa-based digital startup businesses and nonprofit organizations by the year 2020. Over the course of five years, Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. will help incubate and bring to market organizations across the technology, sciences, and arts industries, with the goal of highlighting the wealth of talent across the continent of Africa. Participating organizations are paired with an industry expert who will serve as a mentor and advisor, and their journey will be documented via in-depth video blogs and articles, allowing the public to enjoy a first-hand look into the day-to-day life of a startup and all those involved. There are no costs associated with participation, and accepted organizations benefit from receiving up to a year’s worth of public relations, digital marketing, and development services via Lawrence Blake Ventures, a division of Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. extending probono strategic communications services. Learn more.



We're proud to extend to members, and family, of the United States Armed Forces a 50% discount on our executive coaching and public relations services. E-mail to learn more about this benefit.


Corporate Sponsorship

Proposals for event sponsorship may be submitted to