Lawrence Blake Asia-Pacific

Doing business anywhere in the Asia Pacific region is extraordinary. At times the challenges can be immense, but so too the rewards. The region is dynamic, entrepreneurial and, now, fully entitled to claim its place on the world stage as the principal driver of global economic and business growth. There is nothing than can compare with the excitement of concluding a successful transaction in any one of the jurisdictions here. One deal leads to another. Relationships accumulate layer upon layer of knowledge and trust.

Lawrence Blake North America

Doing business in the United States can be a complex undertaking, the U.S. market offers some of the greatest opportunities in the world. As our flagship regional division, Lawrence Blake North America aims to encourage and bring to market innovative organizations that solve important problems, and position them for success across Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Lawrence Blake Latino

With a $4.8 trillion economy, over 600 million citizens and a steadily rising middle class, Latin America is a rapidly-growing market. Analysts continue to predict improvement in Latin American economies as part of the overall global economic recovery, making this region a key geography for your business growth.

The countries that make up the Middle East and North Africa have a combined population of more than 300 million and form an area of great strategic and economic importance to the United States of America. Although doing business in the Middle East can present some unique challenges, many companies have found a high source of demand for their goods and services in the region.

The U.S. free trade agreements (FTAs) with Israel and Jordan have further opened the way for American companies seeking to trade with Middle Eastern partners. In addition, the United States is promoting free trade agreements with other states in the region including Morocco, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. When doing business in the Middle East, American businesses benefit greatly from basic knowledge of conditions in and customs of Middle Eastern and North African countries. 

Lawrence Blake Mid-East

So, you want to expand your business globally? Starting with Europe may seem easiest--the flight isn't too long, many European business people speak English, the infrastructure is solid, contracts are reliable, and business processes are similar.

However, building relationships, decision-making, presentations, and meetings can differ widely from the U.S. business context. If you go to Europe assuming you can rely on your Irish or German ancestry to solidify partnerships, you have another thing coming. In fact, most Europeans don't actually care if we share ancestry with theirs, they care if you know how to act and behave while you're over there trying to do business with them.

Lawrence Blake Euro