Public Relations with an environmentally-friendly touch.

Lawrence Blake Green is a subsidiary of Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. dedicated to eco-friendly business development, sustainable operations management, philanthropic and community relations strategy, and multi-national environmental impact research and results promotion.

Lawrence Blake Green evaluates the competitive, investment, and cultural environment in which your business operates and details specific communications, public relations, and new business recommendations designed to allow for an expertly-crafted transition into a truly environmentally-conscious organization.

Lawrence Blake Green pilots innovative new business development initiatives designed to source realistic growth opportunities with emphasis placed on integrating appropriate cost-effective green technology and routines. A creative communications strategy is delicately paired with all accounts, aimed at securing appropriate press coverage of your organization’s new, green look.

The Green Incubator

Lawrence Blake Green is applications for The Green Incubator, a year-long start-up acceleration program where 10 of the world's most promising young eco-friendly companies will receive the communication tools and development strategy necessary to create a sustainable, fun, and environmentally conscious brand.

Each organization will receive any and all resources available from New York-based corporate communications firm Lawrence Blake Group Int'l., including a team of experienced start-up mentors, public relations and communications management, and website development and digital marketing services.

After the year-long incubation period has ended, the team of start-up mentors will help Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. to select one organization to win The Green Incubator's Start-up of the Year Award - which will include a year-long advertising partnership with a handful of the world's most popular eco-business publications, a one-year public relations contract with Lawrence Blake Group Int'l., and a multi-city organization launch tour sponsored by Lawrence Blake Green's corporate partners.

Our Official Nonprofit Partner

We're proud to announce our partnership with OneTreePlanted, a nonprofit focused on global reforestation. Each month, we're helping to plant ten trees around the world, on behalf of every account at our firm.