hyperlocal allows you to focus on running your organization, while a team of experienced communications professionals manage your local public relations efforts.

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hyperlocal equips small businesses with the necessary tools to design and implement creative public relations initiatives in their local neighborhood.


We create easy-to-implement philanthropic programs that match local nonprofit organizations with small businesses who are eager to support their charitable causes.


From product or service donations to event sponsorship, and everything inbetween, we create innovative and cost-effective opportunities that allow small businesses to maintain a positive image among their local customers.


Our philanthropy-driven public relations initiatives allow small businesses to generate positive publicity within their community, while truly having an impact on the most pressing issues facing our world.


Membership starts at $99 per week, and includes:


A monthly public relations strategy

designed with both your short and long term goals in mind, providing you the confidence in knowing your business will maintain a positive image among your local customers.

A press release

announcing the most exciting elements of your philanthropic program distributed to local members of the press each time you engage in charitable activity.

A weekly social media and press monitoring report

to ensure you understand how your customers and the media are responding to your public relations efforts.


An easy-to-implement philanthropic program

that allows you to develop partnerships with our database of local nonprofit organizations who are eager to work with small businesses like yours.

Regular social media content suggestions

designed for your business delivered to your inbox, to ensure you're actively engaging your local customers. Content is based on current events and appropriate national and local holidays. If you'd like, we’ll post on your behalf.

Access to the hyperlocal Doing Good Calendar,

featuring events benefiting charitable causes in your neighborhood that your business may opt to participate in.

High quality content to share

via your social media profiles that detail the results of your philanthropic efforts. If you'd like, we'll post on your behalf.

One weekly phone call

with your Communications Advisor to discuss our progress.

A hyperlocal: My neighborhood report

detailing key demographic information on your local neighborhood, allowing you to better understand how your customers make buying decisions.