Do You Want Your Business To Grow? Words Of Encouragement from Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. Founder Blake Harvey

“Our problem in money-making or government affairs is how to remain properly venturesome and experimental without making fools of ourselves”. – Bernard M. Baruch

There is a certain beauty that comes with owning a business. Your blood, sweat, and tears are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you will inevitably invest into your business. It’s one question, which sometimes is answered subconsciously, that dictates the fate of your organization, and it may be easier to address than you’d think.

Do you want your business to grow?

There are times where business-owners answer this question completely by their actions. How are your employees, vendors, and contractors treated? How are you adjusting to the changing needs of your customers or clients? What are you giving your clients or customers that they can not get at any other competitor?

How would your business stack up to growth-potential evaluation based on these questions? The truth is you can increase the chances of successful expansion by taking more, wisely-calculated, risks. Yes, take risks – the epitome of the word entrepreneurship. What’s stopping you from providing creative incentives to employees, vendors, and contractors that encourage them to work with your business? What is stopping you from incorporating e-commerce and selling your products and services online? What is holding your business back from serving the needs of customers in other regions or nations?

As you continue your journey as an entrepreneur, consider your roots. Think back on the lost client leads that you once counted on, the struggle to keep your brand looking strong through in-house crisis. Remember when the success of your business was your only true passion. Take a risk today – take a moment to dig deep into your thoughts with an emphasis placed on things you can do, today, to expand your business. Pick a new city and research what it will take to realistically introduce your business. Develop a charitable aspect of your business where you can begin growing with your neighbors, spreading awareness on important issues while increasing the awareness of your brand.

You can do it. Isolate, address, then break free from anything that may be holding you and your business back from unlimited potential. There are no stop signs in business.

L. Blake Harvey, founder Lawrence Blake Group Int’l.