Prioritizing and Staying Focused: Advice from Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. Chief Information Officer

We've all felt it at one point and time. Stressed out of our mind, and wishing whatever we needed to get done, would either go away or complete itself on it's own. Wouldn't that be great? You will encounter all kinds of roadblocks that test your resolve to achieve your goals. Here are four tips to help you maneuver around those barriers.

Create lists

Sounds like a waste of time, but trust me … it’s crucial to have all of what you need done written out. First, it’ll help prevent you from forgetting what you need to do. Second, you can visually see what tasks might be easier to complete first. And lastly, you’ll be able to quickly see which ones are top priority over the ones that are low.

So in creating your lists, write out the first 3 important tasks you need to complete for the day. These are your top priority tasks. After that, have a list that outlines what you’ll want to complete within a week and then month. Any longer time-scale is generally saved for the large projects (like writing e-books, or launching a new website).

Take a Break

I’m serious. Walk away from your project. Even if its for a minute. No sense in trying to continue to work on something when your mind is literally twisted up.

Go run. Lift weights. Eat something. Just about anything that isn't your work, do it. It really helps increase your productivity when you do take some time off.

Accountability Buddies

As much as it’s our own responsibilities to hold ourselves accountable for the work we do, it always helps to have someone else be there to ask you how you've progressed with your projects.

I’ve grown to love having accountability buddies, especially after I learned of this term from attending online huddle sessions with fellow Puttytribe friends. There we’d each recap and discuss any goals we accomplished and set action steps for the next week.

Just seeing other people progress with projects, gives more motivation to finish your own.

Use Online Tools

There are many helpful and useful tools to keep you focused and increase your productivity.

I encourage you to use Google Calendar to keep track of your daily tasks. Put up email alerts and reminders of weekly action steps that you want completed.

As well, I stick with Chrome and Firefox browsers, as they have productivity apps such as StayFocusd and LeechBlock to restrict your usage of certain time-wasting websites.

If you are a big on using social media to promote your business, consider using Bufferapp. You can schedule your posts to release in future dates for popular social media sites including Facebook page and Twitter. Keeps your social media properties active while you are away.

The above are the main major tools I used to stay productive. There are so many online tools out there, so beware of using more than what you can chew. Otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed by all the productivity tools you can use.

Also check out these two great resources that have also helped me with productivity:

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