Announcing Lawrence Blake North America

[July 21, 2015. New York, NY] New York-based corporate communications firm Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. announced today the promotion of Damila Howard to Regional Chief Executive Officer of North America, in a move aimed at expanding operations of the firm in the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. Lawrence Blake North America joins the firm's growing global network, with regional divisions in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. 

Howard served as Senior Account Executive for entertainment, retail, and life sciences clientele at Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. from 2011-2014, before being promoted to the firm’s Senior Vice President of Public Relations in 2014, and has been directly involved in the calculated growth of the firm.

"Damila's steadfast commitment to the firm and it's long term goals from our early beginnings is what lead to her promotion today. Damila has played a pivotal role in the expansion of our U.S.-based consultancy, Lawrence Blake Executive Coaching, and piloted the development of the firm's thriving corporate citizenship program. As the head of our North American operations, Damila will continue to pioneer innovation and inspire creative collaboration for all of our clientele." L. Blake Harvey, Founder and Chairman, Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. 

Howard was named Executive Vice President of Public Relations at Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. in June of 2014. Howard also serves as Chair of the Selection Committee of the firm's pro bono division, Lawrence Blake Ventures, selecting and developing a wide variety of rising brands, personalities, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Howard looks forward to bringing on more entertainment, nonprofit, and public policy clientele, while working to further develop the firm's current roster of accounts.

“I am both energized and excited about the opportunity to lead Lawrence Blake North America and its team members during this essential time of foundational development and growth. The timing for this move could not be better. The management team is incredibly impressive and the organization very dynamic. Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. is growing rapidly everywhere and is heavily investing in areas that I firmly believe are, and will continue to be, key for the success of our clients such as strategic communications, multi-brand collaborations, and digital infrastructure development." Says Damila Howard.

About Lawrence Blake Group Int'l.: Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. is a rising corporate communications firm pioneering innovation in public relations, digital marketing, and brand architecture. Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. assists our clients in creating long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders, by providing invaluable assets to the client’s brand architecture. Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. provides expertly crafted communications solutions from idea to program execution, with global assets in place to amplify efforts across all appropriate media channels, industry associations, and to influential individuals alike.

Contact: Tuso Boothe, Chief Operations Officer. (571) 882-9125.