Statement on the terror attacks against the people of Brussels

[New York, NY. March 22, 2016] New York-based corporate communications firm Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. shares the following statement on today's terror attacks in Brussels that have claimed the lives of over 30 people, and injured over 100. 

Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. founder L. Blake Harvey said via Twitter, "We are awaking to this devastating news, and it holds heavy on our hearts. Our prayers and thoughts are with those injured and the families of those we lost. This is a developing situation, and we fully support the investigation effort."

He continues, "I'm really having a tough time comprehending why today's attacks against the people of Brussels took place. My heart is heavy, and my spirit is itching to contribute to solving the many issues that have led our civilization to this point. Terrorists are using fear to get their point across, and however you feel about their message, know that there is a counter message of love and peace that will prevail."

Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. formally announces its support of the multi-national and multi-agency effort to capture those responsible, and hold them and any participating organizations responsible for this horrific event.  

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