Remembering 9/11 at One World Trade


On this 15th anniversary of the attacks against our nation's Financial epicenter, bittersweet is the word I most commonly hear from our staff when describing how it feels to work inside One World Trade Center. Sweet because we are privileged to work in the world's most prized and recognized building, but bitter because we want our work to shine bright as tribute to all those who filled the Twin Towers, just over 15 years ago.

Since moving our corporate headquarters into the Freedom Tower in February of 2016, we've come closer as teammates, and I know it has to do with the common emotions that are brought to life by simply being inside of this building. Today, we honor the lives that were taken too early, the first responders whom did not hesitate to offer their help, and every person on this earth who continues to promote peace and harmony among all living beings.

L. Blake Harvey, Chief Executive, Lawrence Blake Group Int'l.