Stretching your advertising budget: Practical advice

Smart advertisers always want to stretch their budget while being more efficient with their ad spend. From spending more efficiently, to finding new outlets to explore through advertising, stretching your budgetary dollars is doable in many different ways. This is all dependent on what you’re already doing with your digital marketing. Here are five tips to help you stretch your advertising budget. 

Don’t “overbook” outside creative talent.

Hire freelancers and consultants whose credentials — and fees — fit the job and the budget. Top advertising photographers, for example, get $1,000 a day or more, but many competent photographers can shoot a good black-and-white publicity photo for $200 or even less.

Do it yourself.

Routine tasks, such as mailing publicity releases, duplicating slides, or retyping media schedules, can be done cheaper in-house than outside. Save the expensive agency or consultant for tasks that really require their expertise.

Get the most out of existing art, photography, and copy.

Photos, illustrations, layouts, and even copy created for one promotion can often be lifted and reused in other pieces to significantly reduce creative costs.

If something works, stick with it.

Too many industrial marketers scrap their old ads and create new ones because they’re bored with their current campaign. That’s a waste. You should run your ads for as long as your customers read and react to them.

Use your ads for more than just space advertising.

There are ways of getting your advertising message in your prospect’s hands at a fraction of the cost of space advertising. The least expensive is to order an ample supply of reprints and distribute them to customers and prospects every chance you get. When you send literature in response to an inquiry, include a copy of the ad in the package. Make sure your salespeople receive an extra supply of reprints and are encouraged to include them when they write to or visit their customers.