Digital Marketing: Tips for Nonprofits


Here are our top tips for nonprofit organizations looking to better project their branded messages across digital media outlets.

1. Effectively & Efficiently Tell Your Story
Potential donors are out there, but getting them to choose your organization over the countless others available requires you to provide a compelling story behind your mission. When crafting your story, consider including the motivation behind your organization or focus on successful past events or objectives, highlighting how you’ve helped those in need.

2. Do not Automate your Outgoing Messages
Automating your social media posts offers a level of convenience, but you also run the risk of alienating your followers if you rely on it too heavily – especially so for non-profits, where building long-term relationships is key. Avoid automation and exploit each social media platform’s strengths. When possible, switch up your outgoing messages across different social media websites.

3. Commit to High-Quality Content
In short, practice quality over quantity. Spend the necessary time making sure anything you post on your social media pages is high-quality, relevant and actionable for your followers. Include a creative and interesting title, open with a hook, fill the body with concise content and end with a call to action.

4. Keep your Followers Informed
Clearly inform your followers of the goals and achievements of your organization. For starters, include transparent commentary on any administrative expenses you incur or upcoming opportunities for individuals or companies to get involved or donate. If your goal is to get a reader to sign up for email updates, clearly state that in your postings.