Easy branding tips for your days off


Business owners, you are your biggest client. For every hour you dedicate to your paying clients, double should be allocated to your business’s branding, marketing, and advertising initiatives. But why should you selfishly focus on yourself even though you have paying clients? – Simply put, what happens when your star client’s budget is cut and they can no longer afford your services?

Preparation is key in the business world. Here is a list of things you can be doing regularly to keep your business’s branding and marketing up-to-date. Once you’ve completed any of the following, be sure to respectfully alert members from your local newspapers, trade magazines, and TV news programs, as they love hearing of small business success!

  • Dedicate time to creating new advertising material to promote your products, services, employees, etc. Design innovative posters, business cards, fliers, window decals, etc. that vibrantly publicize your products and services.
  • Create out-of-the-box sales events designed to promote your social media presence (ex. Our Twitter followers receive 10% off their purchase today, Like our Facebook page for access to exclusive items for sale, retweet our Tweet to win a VIP shopping experience).
  • Share your expertise with rising talent (ex: students in related field of study) via an internship program. Encourage interns to share their experience working with your business via social media and to their peers.
  • Address a need within your community. Is a local public park never clean? Set up a clean-up day where you, your staff, and community members pitch in to clean up the park. Is a local school on the verge of losing an arts education program? Host an event to raise money and awareness, in hopes of saving the community program. Too many individuals in your community struggling with hunger? Pull resources from the entire community to stage a food drive designed to provide multiple individuals with a large amount of groceries.
  • Promote your business’s brand experience more than you promote your products and services. Instead of printing posters and running ads that detail your top products and services, try to promote the overall experience a client will receive when working with your business. Of course XYZ’s Coffee House offers deliciously-crafted coffee drinks, but additionally, they offer complimentary WiFi, live music on Tuesday and Thursday, an international pastry selection, and vintage-style seating. That’s a bit more than just a cup of joe!