3 ways to boost the results of a PR campaign


Looking for ways you could increase the impact of your public relations campaigns? Consider these three tips.

Share a PR success story through your company blog.

A big publication running a story about your campaign is a major boost to your credentials. Why not show it off? PR is not just about brand awareness. It’s also about proving to your existing customers that you are a premier company and a trusted source of information.

If you have a blog where you typically share company news, write up a quick article to highlight the accomplishment.

Not only does this give you a boost in the eyes of your existing customers, but for potential customers browsing the website, this creates a link between an editorial authority and your company. That can only be a good thing.

Turn national recognition into local coverage.

Local publications love installing pride into their communities. So when a business based in their area comes to national attention, it’s an opportunity to do just that.

All we have to do in PR is make the local journalists aware of the story, and make sure that local angle is emphasised. It’s a technique well utilised by some already, as the headlines below prove.

Experiment with Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Ads platform has become a vital addition to any marketer’s arsenal, which includes people working in PR. Putting a social advertising budget behind a new campaign is a well-covered area already, but you can use this platform in a slightly different way.

The simplest way of doing this is using the “boost” function on a regular Facebook update. There are three audience types you can target: people who Like your page, people who Like your page and their friends, and people you choose through targeting.

Boosting to “people who Like your page” is a great way to reinforce your authority to your existing audience. Likewise, boosting to “people who Like your page and their friends” gives you a chance to reinforce your authority and build your audience through existing channels.

The third option, however, allows you to try something different. By selecting a new audience to target, based on a selection of criteria, you have the chance to introduce your brand to a new audience by showing them a great piece of PR.

The idea behind this strategy is that a post including an article where a national publication talks kindly about your brand installs a sense of authority and creates a great first impression. And when you’re looking to introduce a new person to your brand, who doesn’t want to make a good first impression?