Leading with Compassion, Lessons from Amma

For me, compassion is the most important factor in our lives. It is the first step. If we take this first step courageously, without fear, then all of our decisions and subsequent actions and their results will have a special beauty, spontaneity and power. Human calculations may be wrong, but actions born of true compassion can never be wrong because compassion is the law of nature, the power of God, the heart of creation. If we tune the individual mind with compassion, then we, as individuals, are no longer really performing actions, but are merely allowing creation to act through us. And this is the power of compassion. In truth, the spiritual path both begins and ends with compassion.
— Amma in a "Conversation on Compassion" with Dr. James Doty at Stanford University on June 2, 2014.

Compassion is a quality of a true leader, and Amma shares insight that we can all benefit from in this special engagement at Stanford University.