Statement on Shooting of DFW & DART Police Officers

 [July 8, 2016, New York, NY] Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. Global CEO released the following statement today, on the shootings of 11 police officers in Dallas, TX earlier this morning. 

We wholeheartedly stand with the families and friends of those humble and dedicated DFW and DART police officers whose lives were taken, or who have been injured because of the outright disrespect for human life by a small number of people. Some may say, "well, their fellow officers were responsible for taking the life of an innocent man, and because of that, they deserve this". That is not true. A life loss, is not a ticket to take another life.

To those responsible for this horrendous act, you have not won. Your urgent calls for reckless violence sent to those around you will go unheard. America is hurting right now because we've experienced so much loss of life. But we will prevail. We will continue to stand united. We will continue to show love and support to those around us. We will continue to encourage our police and local law enforcement, as they are on the front lines of any unrest that we may feel.

Yes, there have been terrible atrocities recently that have resulted in inexcusable loss of life, predominately of black men and women. This isn't okay either. There is work to be done. Not war to be started, but work on the humankind level. Peace, love, freedom. These aren't foreign things that need us to wage a fight for. These are feelings that start with each of us - with a decision to see past any political messaging or elite propaganda. It takes a concerted effort to educate our children and youth, show compassion to those who are trying their best to adjust their beliefs in an effort to live in harmony with others, and for each of us to practice forgiveness. It will take time. As it always take time to heal.

We've made it to this point in our civilization's history where we must come together and collectively decide how we want to continue living. To most, it's more than just police misconduct and gun violence. It's also socioeconomic. There are communities where just one group of people live, and depending on the group, elected officials and public agencies may do their jobs differently. There are absolutely silly things that young black men have to consider before they leave their homes, like if they should put on that hoody or if they really need that pack of skittles from the 7/11 once the sun has gone down. This fear-based culture will not survive, because it's not what God created us and this earth for. We can change. We can help others change. We can live in harmony. We can have peace.

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