Announcing: Foundation, by Lawrence Blake


[October 26, 2015, New York, NY] Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. today announced the debut of Foundation, a subsidiary of the multifaceted public relations firm picking up traction globally for it’s creativity-driven work. Foundation offers strategic global communications management for organizations aiming to expand across multiple foreign markets. Foundation provides clients the ability to develop and execute public relations, corporate communications, and digital marketing initiatives globally, while dramatically maximizing budgets of any size. Foundation allows for a seamless unification of resources within Lawrence Blake Group Int’l.’s growing global network, with regional divisions in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and Middle East.

“Building Foundation with my team has been amazing. Years of noticing organizations of all sizes working with multiple marketing and communications firms in order to effectively introduce or promote something overseas have culminated in this groundbreaking movement. I call it a movement because that’s just what is is - we’re working with organizations small and large to inspire them to share their innovation with the world, and realistically stand up amongst so much competition. Our work is more than just advising which media outlet to partner with, or when to make a strategic business move; it’s about reminding people of the greatness within them, and encouraging them to share it with the world.” explains L. Blake Harvey, founder of Lawrence Blake Group Int’l.

Foundation uses innovative technology to allow clients to keep track of their progress overseas, with up-to-date analytics information on all of our efforts, alongside educational resources to help you learn the new markets you’re venturing into, and round the clock media monitoring to keep a pulse on the conversation happening about your organization. Client’s are able to access this information from their personalized client portal via our website and mobile app. 

“I remember the first time I heard Blake [Harvey] bring up Foundation - almost two years ago. He said the goal for each account would be the same: to help build a foundation for success. Although every organization is different and is presented with varying challenges to foreign growth, the “foundation” is ever so important. I have come to learn that a solid foundation for any organization includes a grounded corporate culture both internally and externally, a passion for sharing innovation that can benefit the global community, and the thoughtful allocation of resources.” says Camille-Marie Gourdet, Chief Executive Officer of Lawrence Blake Group Int’l.

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