L. Blake Harvey appointed as Chairman and Global CEO of Lawrence Blake Group Int'l.

[May 5, 2016. New York, NY] Rising New York-based corporate communications firm Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed L. Blake Harvey as Chairman and Global Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Formerly, L. Blake Harvey served as a member of the firm's executive management team, as Founder. Over the past year, Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. has seen impressive growth within its core focus areas, as well as the debut of multiple subsidiary companies operating under the Lawrence Blake Group umbrella. In this new role, L. Blake Harvey plans to develop the firm's new packaged communications solutions aimed at small to mid-sized organizations, increase clientele to the firm's thriving public policy practice, add value to partners involved in the firm's corporate citizenship programs, and build a strong brand-presence for the firm within its niche target market.

As Chairman and Global CEO, L. Blake Harvey will lead Lawrence Blake Group's five regional divisions, including Lawrence Blake Asia-Pacific, Lawrence Blake Euro, Lawrence Blake Mid-East, Lawrence Blake Latino, and it's flagship division Lawrence Blake North America. L. Blake will also directly oversee five subsidiary companies that allow the firm's expertise to reach an ever-growing audience of smaller to mid-sized organizations across the world, including Lawrence Blake Green, Foundation, Executive Coaching by Lawrence Blake, Lawrence Blake Capital, and Hyperlocal by Lawrence Blake.

"Today marks the start of something new. I've committed myself to the firm since day one as its founder, but there's a big difference between overseeing and leading. I'm excited to stand tall as the Global CEO of Lawrence Blake Group Int'l., using my voice to motivate our staff, curate stellar campaigns for our clients, and build a foundation for growth into the next century." Says L. Blake Harvey, Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. Chairman and Global CEO.

About Lawrence Blake Group Int'l.: Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. is a rising corporate communications firm pioneering innovation in public relations, digital marketing, and brand architecture. Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. assists our clients in creating long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders, by providing invaluable assets to the client’s brand architecture. Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. provides expertly crafted communications solutions from idea to program execution, with global assets in place to amplify efforts across all appropriate media channels, industry associations, and to influential individuals alike.