Introducing hyperlocal - PR starting at $99


On February 4th, 2016, rising NY-based corporate communications firm Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. announced the debut of hyperlocal, a new division offering smaller organizations the opportunity to implement the same strategic marketing tactics used by the world's most successful organizations - at an affordable cost. hyperlocal pricing begins at $99 per week, and includes public relations management specifically within one local geographic region or demographic group. Gone are the days when smaller brands would have to pay an exorbitant monthly retainer fee for larger public relations and marketing firms. hyperlocal is able to offer such competitive pricing because we work at the community-level, by designing our initiatives for specific, local markets, and eliminating any waste of resources. In addition to public relations management, clients receive: 

  • Corporate social responsibility program development, targeting key issues affecting a specific local geographic region or demographic group.
  • Media tour management and material development.
  • Thought leadership counsel with emphasis placed on developing material that targets one geographic region on demographic group.
  • Message development and branding to be used within a specific geographic region or demographic group.
  • Crisis and issue management in a local geographic region or among a specific demographic group.
Since I started the firm, I noticed that the biggest barrier to successful public relations for smaller organizations is affordability of hiring professional help. Face it, it’s not a cheap process positioning an organization for long term success, however, it’s an investment that deserves the same attention that would be given to an operations budget. I’m so proud to prepare to announce the debut of hyperlocal, by Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. - offering strategic communication services starting at $99 per week. For the first time in history, small businesses now have access to the same strategic planning tactics that the world’s most successful organizations use every day. I look forward to sharing hyperlocal with the small business community on February 8th, 2016.
— L. Blake Harvey, Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. Founder

hyperlocal is a division of Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. helping small businesses and nonprofits create innovative and exciting communications and public relations strategies targeted to their local community. hyperlocal brings together the resources of Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. to help alleviate some of the marketing obstacles faced by countless small business owners and nonprofit directors including access to high end media, budget restrictions, and limited staffing resources.

hyperlocal provides clients with a dedicated communications specialist to oversee their account, and a team of public relations professionals who are constantly developing new and powerful ways to give your brand a voice. hyperlocal will begin accepting client requests on Monday, February 8th, 2016. Request a meeting with one of our communication specialists by visiting

hyperlocal is an essential stepping stone that will give our clients the platform that they need to reach new heights. As we build the foundation of this element to our firm in the US we plan to launch this worldwide within the next 9 months. hyperlocal is affordable and takes the guesswork out of where to begin in marketing your business. Think of it as a community that has the good intentions and knowledge to help jumpstart your organization without breaking the bank. We know that it takes a certain amount of strength to get the gears in motion to even start a business because we were once in your shoes. hyperlocal is here to support, cultivate, and manifest your ideas.
— Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. Global CEO Camille-Marie Gourdet