We empower socially conscious companies with tools to build sustainable public relations programs that solve important problems.

Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. pioneers innovation in corporate communications and brand architecture by consciously helping clients to create internal infrastructure necessary for success, and committing to practices that encourage and reward sustainable development, environmental stewardship, and mindful leadership, while steering clear of extractive approaches to business.

The best part? Simple and straightforward pricing that will make you smile. 

Start a local public relations project and enjoy 30 days at no cost.


Designed for small and mid-sized organizations.

Through our work, we increase the social impact of the brands we represent via philanthropy-driven public relations initiatives that allow for a targeted and strategic approach to problem-solving.

We help our clients contribute to their communities by positioning them as high-impact organizations that clearly communicate their goals and efforts to all stakeholders.

A wholistic understanding of the organizations we represent allow us to engage in efforts that take into consideration long-term goals and the multitude of opportunities available to meet success.


Helping solve important global problems.

There is no shortage of problems that need to be solved - the list grows every day. Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. helps our clients develop innovative solutions to important problems, with a common goal of shifting back to the core purpose of business and commerce.


Improve access to high-reach media

The global economy is saturated with extractive companies that don't actually generate value, but rather extract it from somewhere else; from the planet, from people, or from communities. By improving access to high-reach media for socially conscious organizations, we're able to help solve this problem of taking more than we are able to give. Our firm's business model is built on the idea that organizations become more successful as they serve customers and communities more effectively.

Empower and encourage sustainability

Most entrepreneurs don't have a solid understanding of what public relations exactly is. Additionally, with the shifting environment of the media and internet, it's difficult to stay on top of current marketing trends. Our firm keeps up with the evolving marketing landscape, and offers opportunities for entrepreneurs and young companies to do the same. Expertly curated talks, workshops, and interactive digital content allows for regular learning, making it easy for smaller brands to keep up with their larger industry counterparts.

Support arts education for youth

Access to arts education for youth is important, especially for inner-city or under-served children. Our firm eagerly commits to supporting arts education programs for youth around the world, as art encourages creativity. Youth who have access to arts programs are more likely to continue to consciously create throughout their life, and are well-rounded problem solvers. Our world needs more of these, which is why we regularly partner with nonprofit arts organizations to lend a hand in fund development and public relations.