Lawrence Blake Group pioneers innovation in corporate communications and brand architecture by consciously helping clients create internal infrastructure necessary for success, and committing to practices that encourage and reward sustainable development environmental stewardship, and mindful leadership, while steering clear of extractive approaches to business.

Our firm takes a principled view of how we operate and the recommendations we offer to clients, a view that includes the full impact we have on our planet and people, as well as the resulting factors of any externalities we generate.

There is no shortage of problems that need to be solved - the list grows every day. Lawrence Blake Group helps our clients develop innovative solutions to important problems, with a common goal of shifting back to the core purpose of business and commerce.

Through our work, we increase the social impact of the brands we represent via philanthropy-driven public relations initiatives that allow for a targeted and strategic approach to problem-solving. We help our clients contribute to their communities by positioning them as high-impact organizations that clearly communicate their goals and efforts to all stakeholders. A wholistic understanding of the organizations we represent allow us to engage in efforts that take into consideration long-term goals and the multitude of opportunities available to meet success.

Our expertly crafted communications solutions create a sense of structure from idea to program execution, and our global assets are in place to amplify efforts across all appropriate media channels, industry associations, and to influential individuals alike. We dedicate a boundless effort to helping our clients develop a solid foundation, structured for continued strategic development for the life of the organization.

We commit our global resources to the brands, individuals, and organizations we represent by providing communications counsel, formed from dedicated environment research and risk analysis, designed to protect and defend the integrity and public trust of our clients. Lawrence Blake Group Int’l. offers both targeted and comprehensive public relations and corporate communications services. Our world-class programs aim to build awareness and expand your network of supporters, confirm and manage strategic media coverage and inspire thought leadership — nationally and internationally.


Social Responsibility

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